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Real Leaders Read Initiative 

Real Leaders Read is an initiative founded by Ariel Shaw, MBA, a mother of a gifted and talented student at Pates Creek Elementary. Pates Creek Elementary adopted the Real Leaders Read Initiative during the 2017-2018 school year; in which, various leaders from Henry County and the Metro Region were invited to read to a class once a month or on a bi-monthly basis. The initiative's goal is to inspire a love of reading through story time,  donation of free books to children in grades K-5,  and sponsoring an after school book club that reinforces reading with comprehension. 

Pates Creek Elementary School’s After School Book Club has adopted this initiative for the 2018-2019  and again for 2019-2020 school year to embrace their desire to increase childhood literacy and inspire reading. The vision and mission behind Real Leaders Read is that it will encourage and inspire a love of reading for the youth while increasing literacy, computational literacy, grade level reading and more.

In the 2017-2018  school year, leaders including Henry County Superintendent Dr. Mary Davis, Mayor Anthony Ford, School Board Member Dr. Donna McBride, Councilwoman Kamali Varner, Pastor Spencer Oneal  and more participated in reading to elementary students from grades K-5. Real Leaders partnered with Global Impact Ministries in Stockbridge and donated over 500 books to Kindergarten through Second Grade students where each child received a free book of their choice. For the 2019 Donation we hope to double this number through community partnerships that we have created.

The Real Leaders Read Initiative and Ms. Shaw received a Proclamation from the State of Georgia during the 2018 General Session. Ms. Shaw is a Parent Advocate for Get Georgia Reading, a literacy campaign established by First Lady Sandra Deal that spans across the State of Georgia and is the current President of Pates Creek School Council. She supports any initiative to increase reading scores at Pates Creek Elementary and in Henry County as a whole. Shaw states that “while she appreciates the recognition there is much more work to do, but the Proclamation truly validates her work in Henry County with the children and her interest in increasing childhood literacy.”

Pates Creek Elementary "Real Queens Read" Book Club, Sponsored by Real Leaders Read Initiative, 2018-2019 School Year